Life is Good in Spring, TX

Approximately 54,542 people reside in Spring, Texas, a census-designated city located in the Harris County, Houston, area of the state. Low cost of living, low real estate costs, and friendly neighbors are among the reasons people choose Spring as their new hometown. If you’re searching for a great town in Texas to call your own, perhaps you’ve found the perfect area. When you search real estate agents near me find those local to the town for best results.

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The average home price for a single-family, two-bedroom home in Spring is $184,904. This is several thousand less than the $191,490 that the average median home in the state costs. The immaculate scenery in the area and the quaint lifestyles are attractive to many people relocating to Spring. Plus it is located just minutes from the city of Houston so when you want to kick up your heels, that’s easy to do.

The neighborhoods in Spring are as diverse as the community. There is truly an area for every lifestyle and for every family, couple, or single person that wants to find a great place to call home. Spring is the perfect place to live if you appreciate variety and love to experience all that life has to offer. Each neighborhood has its own unique flavor and flair that makes it special and that separates it from other areas.

Spring is not a boring place to live, despite its small size. Activities and sights to see are plentiful and any resident will tell you that any tip outdoors can provide plenty of breathtaking views and fun exploration if you love the great outdoors. You’re just 50 miles from the Gulf when it’s time for beach fun.  When you want to enjoy a good time, there’s always lots to do in the community and within an hour’s drive, a plethora of choices.