5 Tips for a Successful Estate Sale

When a loved one passes away, an estate sale is usually held to liquidate their belongings. Anyone with estate sale experience understands how tedious and complex these sales can be, especially for anyone who is not prepared for the event. Rather than face trouble, use the five tips here to ensure a successful estate liquidation wellington tx sale.

1.    Conduct an Assessment: Are the items worth holding a sale to get rid of? Don’t assume that it is and waste time and money. Instead, hire a professional to conduct an assessment the property ahead of time.

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2.    Time is of the Essence: Allow yourself plenty of time to set up for the sale because greatness takes time. Experts recommend that you spend a minimum of 30-days planning and preparing the home for the sale.

3.    The Set Up: Presentation is everything. When you are preparing to hold an estate sale, be sure that it is set up in a fun and intriguing way that attracts buyers your way. Consider hiring help to set up the home for the sale if design is not one of your strong points.

4.    Post It Up: Take great photos of the most intriguing items that you’ll sell. Place these items on estate sale websites and other local publications in the local area. You’ll have a broader range of buyers when you advertise online and elsewhere prior to the day of the sale.

5.    Advertise: Place lots of signs in the neighborhood advertising the sale. Use balloons to attract people to the home on the day of the sale. Additionally, use as many sources as possible to advertise the sale. The more that you advertise, the more people who will know the sale is taking place and more people who will show up to buy!